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GIR Store is the exclusive distributer for Ford Power Tools and Hand Tools. Ford grew to become one of the largest international companies in the world. Its products and innovation are still at the forefront of the industry.

FORD Motors licensed its brand to NINE HKG and Pulsar Technologies in order to develop a unique line of products in terms of dependability and affordability. Ford tools lineup has appointed several distributors worldwide in order to better serve the specific needs of countries and regions around the globe.

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SKU: FCA-027
Price: 11.500 BHD
SKU: FHT0239
Price: 2.200 BHD
SKU: FHT0241
Price: 3.000 BHD
SKU: FHT0389
Price: 9.300 BHD
SKU: FMT-023
Price: 10.800 BHD
SKU: FMT-044
Price: 4.300 BHD
SKU: FPTA-01-0032
Price: 1.400 BHD
SKU: FPTA-06-0011
Price: 2.700 BHD
SKU: FCA-014
Price: 72.400 BHD
SKU: FHT0401-M
Price: 10.800 BHD
Price: 10.800 BHD
SKU: FHT-M-010
Price: 3.000 BHD
SKU: FCA-033
Price: 84.600 BHD
Price: 1.700 BHD
Price: 3.000 BHD
SKU: FME-2-5 (FME-0001)
Price: 1.300 BHD