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Power Tool is a device that is activated by a power source apart from manual labor. There are various types of power tools, e.g., electric screwdriver, hammer drills, and fast screw guns. The tools are used for construction and several DIY jobs such as production, assembly, packaging, and maintenance. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes and are simple to operate. Power tools have three categories regarding ranges of function and power, such as; standard or normal use type, premium line type, and the Pro Range type.
Both FORD Hand tools and Power tools have their unique design, durability, and matching with white and blue color logo came from ford motor company.

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Price: 14.200 BHD
SKU: FE1-20
Price: 12.800 BHD
SKU: FE1-30
Price: 10.800 BHD
SKU: FE1-50-12V1
Price: 28.000 BHD
SKU: FE1-60-B
Price: 14.100 BHD
SKU: F181-50
Price: 47.200 BHD
Price: 11.900 BHD
SKU: FE1-70
Price: 24.200 BHD
SKU: FX1-10
Price: 22.200 BHD
SKU: FXI-1069
Price: 17.200 BHD
SKU: FX1-50-12V-1500mah-2B
Price: 50.200 BHD
SKU: FX1-1052
Price: 63.100 BHD
SKU: FX1-20
Price: 20.800 BHD
SKU: FAT-0100
Price: 22.800 BHD
SKU: FX1-70
Price: 46.600 BHD
SKU: F181-70
Price: 57.200 BHD